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August 11, 2008
SysLOCATE Announces Revolutionary New Service: Persistent Monitoring™ On-board diagnostic engine will provide buy here-pay here dealers the status of their GPS tracking units

SAN DIEGO, Calif. SysLOCATE today announced the launch of Persistent Monitoring, a one-of-a-kind feature designed to give buy here-pay here dealers a view of all their GPS tracking units. Persistent Monitoring provides a single location where dealers can see which GPS tracking units are reachable, unreachable or disconnected before so they can take action before needing to repossess a vehicle, saving time and a significant amount of money. The Persistent Monitoring feature includes Persistent Monitoring Dashboard™ and Persistent Monitoring Report™.

Persistent Monitoring Dashboard
The Persistent Monitoring Dashboard displays the status of all newly installed units. The GPS tracking unit reports its status upon installation, after 24 hours, weekly during the first month and every month thereafter. SysLOCATE is proving this feature free of charge to all customers.

Persistent Monitoring Report
The Persistent Monitoring Report allows customers to manually locate and receive status updates on every GPS tracking unit in their account. Units are located over a 10-day period, every day for the first 3 days and every other day until day 10.

"This remarkable new feature gives SysLOCATE customers better visibility into how their GPS tracking units are performing and whether the have issues with cellular or GPS. Knowing they have successfully installed a GPS tracking unit and the vehicle can be located is one of the most critical issues dealers are facing today," said Claude Arbour, Vice President of US Sales at SysLOCATE. "Buy here-pay here dealers are faced with significant challenges in this economy and this feature will significantly reduce the cost of repossession."

About SysLOCATE Inc.
SysLOCATE Inc., operating under their registered trademark SysLOCATE, helps companies manage, locate, track and recover their mobile assets. Based in San Diego, the company's SysLOCATE GPS tracking system, S2800 and S3000i GPS Vehicle Tracking Units offer unique advantages with ease-of-use/install, functionality, and scalability not found in other commercial products. This includes the ability to manage diverse asset portfolios, receive real-time GPS tracking data from a variety of platforms/devices, and to operate over a variety of networks and countries. Additional information and a live, hands-on demonstration of the tracking capabilities are available at

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