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June 9, 2008
SysLOCATE Announces Regional Service and Distribution Depots

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – SysLOCATE today announced the launch of its first set of Regional Service and Distribution Depots. The Regional Service and Distribution Depots will develop localized ground level support and continue to offer SysLOCATE resellers and dealer customers the highest level of service and support. New Areas for the Service and Distribution Depots include Southern California, South Florida and NW Arkansas.

"Demand for our S3000i and new low cost S2800 GPS tracking units continues to be strong and we feel this will provide the best experience for our customers," said Claude Arbour, Vice President of US Sales at SysLOCATE. "If a customer or reseller needs GPS tracking units on short notice, we will be there. Not in a week like most GPS manufacturers, but immediately."

More and more Buy Here-Pay Here dealers are turning to SysLOCATE to locate and recover vehicles. SysLOCATE offers a quick installation, usually in 15 minutes or less, along with several other features not available in other GPS tracking units.

SysLOCATE features include:

  • Stop TrackSM - When initiated, it tracks where a vehicle stops over a 7-day period. This makes vehicle recovery quick and easy should a customer default on their auto loan.
  • BackTrackSM - When initiated, users can view the last 50 historical stops over 30 minutes and two weeks of ongoing stops more than 30 minutes.
  • All Internal Antennas - Internal antennas reduce installation time by 50% and eliminate issues with pinched cables–which happen frequently.
  • Automatic Locates - Weekly or monthly auto-locates to verify the vehicle tracking unit is operating correctly.
  • Low Cost Service Plan - SysLOCATE offers one of the most attractive service plans. 200 pooled locates, a 3 year plan and only $19.95 per vehicle tracking unit for the S3000i. FREE first use of Stop Track comes with the S3000i.
  • FREE airtime for the first year is included with the S2800 (includes 50 locates).

About SysLOCATE Inc.
SysLOCATE Inc., operating under their registered trademark SysLOCATE, helps companies manage, locate, track and recover their mobile assets. Based in San Diego, the company's SysLOCATE GPS tracking system, S2800 and S3000i GPS Vehicle Tracking Units offer unique advantages with ease-of-use/install, functionality, and scalability not found in other commercial products. This includes the ability to manage diverse asset portfolios, receive real-time GPS tracking data from a variety of platforms/devices, and to operate over a variety of networks and countries. Additional information and a live, hands-on demonstration of the tracking capabilities are available at

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