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May 6, 2008
SysLOCATE Launches BackTrack, Making Vehicle Repossession Seamless

SAN DIEGO, Calif. SysLOCATE today announced the launch of BackTrack™, a new feature for the S2800 and S3000i GPS tracking units. The new feature gives buy here-pay here (BHPH) dealers the ability to view the last 50 historical stops over 30 minutes and two weeks of ongoing stops more than 30 minutes. This feature takes all the guesswork out of vehicle repossession by giving BHPH dealers the knowledge of where a car will be stopped and for how long.

"BackTrack gives BHPH dealers the ability to keep their fuel costs down when trying to repossess a vehicle. Knowing where a vehicle is stopped takes all the guesswork out of vehicle repossession," said Claude Arbour, Vice President of US Sales at SysLOCATE. "With fuel costs continuing to rise, BHPH dealers need to recover a vehicle immediately and not drive around until they find it."

SysLOCATE now offers both StopTrack™ and BackTrack. StopTrack enables BHPH dealers to track where a vehicle has stopped over a one week period once it's activated, while BackTrack gives stops backward and forward. Visit SysLOCATE booth #123 at NABD May 6-8 in Las Vegas for a demonstration of BackTrack and to see the new low cost S2800 and S3000i GPS tracking units.

About SysLOCATE Inc.
SysLOCATE Inc., operating under their registered trademark SysLOCATE, helps companies with the management, location, tracking and recovery of their mobile assets. Based in San Diego, the company's SysLOCATE GPS tracking system, S2800 and S3000i GPS Vehicle Tracking Units offer unique advantages with ease-of-use/install, functionality, and scalability not found in other commercial products. This includes the ability to manage diverse asset portfolios, receive real-time GPS tracking data from a variety of platforms/devices, and to operate over a variety of networks and countries. Additional information and a live, hands-on demonstration of the tracking capabilities are available at

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