Newest Features

Stip Verifier™
Stip Verifier allows you to track where a vehicle has stopped over a 30 day period once it's activated. It records all places that a tracked vehicle has been stopped for more than 30 minutes. Once triggered, "Stip Verifier" generates stop locations on the map and location address page using a special map marker (white) to identify these locations. Activation of the feature can be triggered unit-by-unit, anytime from subscribers' account page.

Persistent Monitoring™
This gives a dealer the status on all newly installed units. The GPS tracking unit sends an Install Locate and reports back after 24 hours, weekly during the first month and every month thereafter. For more detailed information on this feature click here.

When activated BackTrack will allow you to view the last 50 historical stops over 30 minutes, plus 2 weeks of ongoing stops more than 30 minutes. Works in the US only.

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
Upon completion of installation you may call (888)744-0527 to access the IVR system. Phone-based voice access to your tracking unit is a very convenient feature during installation or repossession.

You will need to know the serial number or nickname of the unit; it is a seven digit number located on the bottom of the tracking unit. Once you dial the toll free number you will be prompted for your account phone number (provided by distributor) and your PIN number (default is 1234).

After entering the PIN you may then say or key in "1" to locate the vehicle. It will take about 30 seconds to determine the first location. The system will respond with the location of the vehicle by stating the address, city, date and time.

Lowest Cost Service Plan
SysLOCATE offers the most attractive service plan available. 200 pooled locates, 3 year plan included with every unit.

Multiple Geofence Alerts
SysLOCATE S3000i now supports 3 geofences. You can program each geofence and be alerted when a vehicle enters or exits a geofence.

Low Battery Alert
An alert is sent when the battery reaches a voltage below the minimum required to start the vehicle.

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